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Teacher Grant Awards 2014-2015

The Ironia PTO is proud to announce the 2014-2015 Ironia PTO Grant Award Recipients! Thank you to all Applicants for taking the time to write and submit a grant proposal. We appreciate your continued dedication to our children.

Mrs. Andrews – 5th Grade - Storyworks Magazine - $699

  • Subscription to Scholastic Storyworks magazine that includes informational and narrative nonfiction, short fiction, poetry, debates and read-aloud plays based on myths, classic literature and history.

Ms. Brembs – 5th Grade - Bare Basics - $560

  • Bare Book products promote creativity in writing, collaborative learning and cross grade level peer relationships.

Ms. Feeney – 5th Grade Elementary Music - Chime In - $1,000

  • Two octave set of Malmark Hand Chimes that give students the opportunity to participate in an additional Ensemble at Ironia School Concerts.

Mrs. Feliciano – 4th Grade - Classroom Library and Math Website- $130

  • The classroom library will be enhanced with the purchase of additional books across a variety of genres.
  • Subscription to a Common Core aligned math website that offers guided lessons with explanations, independent practice, matching activities, and a variety of assessment tools for each Common Core standard.

Mrs. Feliciano/Ms. Scott – 4th Grade - Whole Brain Teaching Conference Travel Expenses- $2,000

  • Whole Brain Teaching combines direct instruction, mixed with the sharing of information in a visual, kinesthetic, emotional, and verbal manner.  Teachers learn how to teach to the whole brain, which requires establishing rituals and routines, stimulating emotions, and allowing students to become active learners.

Mrs. Rodriguez – 3-5th Grade - Library Media Technology - Makerspace - $1,000

  • A “Makerspace” in the Ironia computer lab will be created to explore, create and showcase Maker education products.  These STEM tools will give students hands-on opportunities to build, tinker, experiment and explore.

Ms. Tyroler – K-5th Art - Ceramics Supply Cart -$698

  • The additional storage will allow ceramics to be re-introduced to the Art curriculum!

Ms. Wall – K-5th – Behavioral Disabilities - Sensory Needs - $679

  • Equipment for the classroom that is specially designed to promote sensory experiences in order to regulate brain functions, increase attention and enhance focus to better enable the learning of academic tasks.

Ironia Teacher Grant Program 2014-2015 - Total Grants Awarded: $6,766

A special note regarding IPad Technology:

In prior years, the Ironia PTO Grant Committee has been fortunate enough to be able to purchase IPads for those wishing to use them in the classroom.  Given the overwhelming success of their use, the number of IPads requested has increased each year.  In conjunction with the Districts technology initiative, Ironia re-allocated a portion of the 2015-2016 technology budget to purchase 14 IPads that were initially requested through the Grant Program!  Thank you Ironia!

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