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Teacher Grant Awards 2013-2014

The Ironia PTO is proud to announce the 2013-2014 Ironia PTO Grant Award Recipients! Thank you to all Applicants for taking the time to write and submit a grant proposal. We appreciate your continued dedication to our children.


 Mr. Naclerio – Physical Education - Project Adventure RAISE Pack - $1,124

  • The Project Adventure RAISE (Respect, Achievement, Inclusion, Service and Empathy) pack builds a respectful learning community that focuses on developing the social emotional skills necessary for bullying prevention and self-care.

Mrs. Feliciano and Ms. Best – 3rd Grade – Two Elmo Document Cameras - $1,914

  • The document camera displays student work, books, class assignments, projects and “in the moment activities” instantly to allow immediate feedback and instruction.

Ms. Smallwood, Ms. Freidland and Ms. Murphy – 2nd Grade - Flash Memory Camcorder - $782

  • The Flash Memory Camcorder is a portable, easy to use, digital camcorder to aide in student experiences in speaking and listening.

Ms. O'Rourke – 5th Grade - Bo Yana and Beyond - $990

  • Bo and Yana are programmable robots that will be used to teach the principles of coding and provide students with greater opportunities in the future.

Ms. Brembs – 5th Grade - Storyworks - $719

  • Subscription to Scholastic Storyworks magazine that includes informational and narrative nonfiction, short fiction, poetry, debates and read-aloud plays based on myths, classic literature and history.

Ms. Rosenblatt – Special Education - Enhancing Reading Fluency - $181

  • The Wilson Reading program enables students with learning disabilities to secure decoding and fluency skills.

Mrs. Feliciano – 3rdth Grade - Two IPads - $956

  • The IPads will help in the development of a blended learning classroom environment focusing on critical-thinking, creativity and student-centric interactive activities.

Ms. Cirella – 5th Grade - Macbook Air - $939

  • The Macbook Air will be integrated into the LATIC (Learner Active Technology Infused Classroom) framework to create problem and project based learning units. 

Ironia Teacher Grant Program 2013-2014 - Total Grants Awarded: $7,605


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