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Teacher Grant Awards 2010-2011


The Ironia PTO is proud to announce the 2010-2011 Ironia PTO Grant Award Recipients! Thank you to all Applicants for taking the time to write and submit a grant proposal. We appreciate your continued dedication to our children.

Mrs. Lutcza and Ms. Acquaviva: Smart Bluetooth Wireless Kit & IPEVO Document Camera - $516

  • Wireless connection for SMART Board and document cameras for both Kindergarten rooms.

Mrs.Andrews and Ms. Hypes: Teachers' College Summer Institute on the Teaching of Reading - $1,350

  • Tuition fees in the amount of $1,350 will be paid for Mrs. Andrews and Ms. Hypes to attend the summer workshop at Columbia University.

Mrs. Rubin - 3rd grade: Digital Camera/LCD HD Movie Recorder - $87.99

  • Purchase an Olympus Stylus digital camera (or similar brand product) to be used in her classroom for documenting school spirit days & special events, field trips, student presentations, uploading student illustrations into windows movie maker, etc.

Mrs.DeCoster - 1st grade: The Mozart Effect : Music in our Classroom and Beyond - max $560

  • An iPod Touch will be used for listening to music in the classroom as well as for differentiating using the earphones with remote and microphone and for downloading educational videos and podcasts to be shown in the classroom. This will be an experiment as well to see how the iPod Touch works in the 1st grade setting versus the iPad which is also being piloted for 1st grade.

Mrs. Shirkey and Mrs. Delaney - BSI: Reading A-Z - $84.95

  • Second year of a subscription to an online website that allows educators access to a comprehensive collection of high-quality and developmentally appropriate reading selections to help strengthen comprehension and all areas of reading.

Ms. Tyroler - Art Room - Glazes and Brushes for Ceramics - $215

  • Partial award of a budget of $215 to be used to purchase a selection of glaze brushes for the Art Room. These will replace the existing brushes which have been used for fifteen years.

Miss DePeri, Mrs. Soldivieri, Ms. Gordon, Mr. Cervona, Mr. Kennedy, Ms. Brembs and Mrs. Baker - 5th grade: Wordly Wise 3000 - $1,284.35

  • Program of systematic vocabulary instruction which will complement the existing language arts curriculum. The program includes classroom lessons, workbooks and a free website with interactive games and activities.

Mrs. Fiske - 3rd grade: NJ ASK Test Prep - $397.50 (plus S&H)

  • Review program to prepare the 3rd grade for standardized testing such as the NJ ASK. This includes two diagnostic practice tests as well as formative assessments. Using as pilot program for one 3rd grade class.

Ms. Wysoczanski, Ms. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Pace, Mrs. DeCoster - 1st grade: Differentiation 2.0 - est $700

  • A partial grant of one iPad will be used to expand, enrich, individualize and differentiate overall curriculum through technology. This is a pilot program and an experiment to see how the iPad works in the 1st grade setting versus the iPod Touch which is also being granted to a 1st grade classroom.

Ironia Teacher Grant Program 2010-2011 - Total Grants Awarded: $5,196



Randolph PTO Council Grant Award Recipients

Mrs. Cynthia Feeney - Hand Chime Enrichment Class: $1,000

  • Chime Ensemble - one (1) two-octave set of Malmark Hand Chimes

Ms. Michelle Land - IRB's for elementary ESL/Struggling Readers: $870

  • "Low-level/high interest" independent reading books which may be used by all struggling readers


Randolph PTO Council Grant Awards 2010-2011 - Total Grants Awarded: $1,870


Total Grant Awards 2010-2011: $7,066


updated: 06/10/11


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