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Teacher Grant Awards 2009-2010

The Ironia PTA is proud to announce the 2009-2010 Ironia PTA Grant Award Recipients! Thank you to all Applicants for taking the time to write and submit a grant proposal.We appreciate your continued dedication to our children


Mrs.Greenhill, Mrs.Andrews, Ms.Bourke, Mrs.Brodsky/u>- 4th grade: Launching Reader's Workshop - $800

  • A budget amount of $800 will be spent to purchase mentor texts for the Lucy Calkin's Reading Program. The group will consult with Mrs. Herr over the summer as to which book titles will be the most beneficial to the 4th grade students and plan to select classic and new titles which deal with topics across the curriculum- fiction and non-fiction.

Mrs. Pace- 5th grade: Get Organized! - $200

  • 25 Seat Sacks to be used in her classroom for students to store their supplies. This is primarily in classrooms without individual student desks.

3RD Grade Team and 5th Grade Team : Senteo Smart Interactive Response System $1899

Ms.Notte, Mrs.Rubin, Ms.Hypes, Ms.Quigley/Mrs.Baker, Ms.Brembs, Ms.DePeri, Mrs.Pace, Mrs.Soldivieri

  • Senteo responders serve as personal clickers allowing students to respond to questions asked on the SmartBoard. They allow students to answer confidentially, yet tracks student assessment data in a teacher-controlled grade book for individual student assessment
  • Includes 32 responders, central receiver and software
  • The set will be shared between the 3rd grade and 5th grade teams since both submitted grant requests.

Mrs. Rubin- 3rd grade: Bound, Hard-cover, Blank Books - $56

  • Partial award for a class set of 30 blank books to use for students to publish their writing and take home.
  • Will be used as a culminating activity for students to publish one of the writing pieces.

Mrs. Best, Mrs. Sassaman, Mrs. Rubin, Ms. Quigley, Ms. Notte, Ms. Hypes - 3rd grade: Books for Lucy Calkins Writing Program - $1000

  • Partial award of a budget of $1000 to be used to purchase a selection of mentor books for the Lucy Calkin's Writing Program. Students will be able to become familiar with good literature that encourages them to be writers.
  • The team will work together to determine how to spend the grant money on the list of books that was submitted in a way that would be most beneficial to the 3rd graders.

Mrs. Albaugh - Music Department K-5: D.R.U.M. - $992

  • Selection of drums and other instruments to complement the existing percussion tools available in the Music Room.
  • These instruments will provide enhancements of sound, diversity of sound, and student participation and will enhance the music education.

Mrs. Shirkey and Mrs. Delaney - BSI: Reading A-Z - $85

  • Subscription to an online site that allows educatorís access to a comprehensive collection of high-quality and developmentally appropriate reading selections to help strengthen comprehension and all areas of reading.
  • Books and materials can be downloaded, printed, folded and ready for use during BSI sessions. Multiple copies can be made for any size group.

Ms. Boucher - Xerox Phaser Printer Ink - $1,061

  • Replacement toner cartridges for existing Xerox printer which is used with the iMAC computer.

Miss Brembs - 5th grade : "WeDo Robotics" LEGO System - $1,000

  • Additional 8 pack of We Do Robotics kits to be used with the program already being implemented.
  • Provides creativity and enrichment of lessons, students build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors and then program their models using LEGO software.

Ms. Zecker and Mrs. Sgalia-Friedland - 2nd grade :IPEVO USB Camera - $150

  • Partial award for 2 USB cameras designed to free users from the usual screen mounted strong-camera perspective. Solid base and multiple joints allows it to capture images from any distance and angle.
  • Cameras can be used across all areas of the curriculum.

Ironia Teacher Grant Program 2009-2010 - Total Grants Awarded: $7,243.00

Randolph PTA Council Grant Award Recipients


Eileen Baker, Christine Brembs, Jennifer DePeri, Irma Pace, Danielle Soldivieri 5th Grade:

Smart Response Interactive Response System: $1,500

  • One 24-pack of the Smart Response system will be purchased to share among the fifth grade team.

Patricia Bourke, Linda Andrews, Roberta Greenhill 4th Grade:

Integrating Differentiated Reading Workshop - $525

  • Two copies of the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Reading will be shared among the fourth grade team.

Randolph PTA Council Grant Awards 2009-2010 - Total Grants Awarded: $2,025.00


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