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Teacher Grant Awards 2006-2007

5th Grade Microscopes:  $2,521

Mr. Szuszkowski

The 5th grade will benefit from the purchase of 24 new microscopes and a usb connector which will allow the microscopic objects to be displayed onto a large screen.


Reading Is Fun:  $500

Mrs. Lockwood

The library will increase its selection of books and popular titles through this grant.


Digital Camera and Camcorder:  $400

Mrs. Soldivieri

The 5th grade will integrate photography and language arts, math, social studies and science with the addition of a camera/camcorder. 


Wireless Cassette Recorder/Player Center:  $436

Mrs. Soldivieri

This center will allow for enhanced small group learning and differentiated instruction of language arts in a diverse homeroom.


MP3 Technology in the classroom:  $450

Miss Bourke

Podcasting, music and language arts integration will be just a few things this 4th grade classroom will begin exploring with the purchase of an iPod and related accessories.


Enhancing Student Instruction in the ResourceCenter: $1,094

Ms. Gordon and Ms. Thompson

These resource room teachers will enhance instruction through the addition of an LCD projector.


Responsive Classroom Training II:  $2,223

Mrs. Friedland and Mrs. Murphy

Training will continue in the Responsive Classroom approach and turnkey training will be provided to other staff members as we continue with this Ironia initiative.

Integration of Technology with Special Education:  $1,094

Ms. Sheppard, Mrs. Kretz, Ms. Spinelli, Mrs. Mandaglio

Instruction in the special education room will be enhanced through the addition of an LCD projector.


Multicultural Art and Resources:  $500

Miss Tyroler

3-D multicultural art objects will be purchased and will serve as inspirations to our art students.


LCD Projector:

These two homerooms will benefit from ceiling mounted LCD projectors. With the addition of the 12 projectors being supplied by the district, through the additional state funding, all homerooms will now have dedicated LCD projectors.

Miss Banghart   $1,094

Mrs. Friedland   $1,094


Smart Board:

Continuing with the technology initiative, eight Smartboards will be purchased for the following homeroom teachers.  With the addition of 12 Smartboards being supplied by the district, through the additional the state funding, 25 homerooms will be fully equipped with the Smartboard technology!


Mrs. Greenhill            $1,644              Mrs. Andrews             $1,644

Miss Bourke               $1,644              Miss Wysoczanski      $1,644

Miss Notte                 $1,644              Mrs. Conca                  $1,644

Mrs. DeCoster            $1,644              Mrs. Fitzgerald           $1,644



Teacher Grant Program 2006-2007 - Total Grants Awarded: $24,558



Randolph PTA Council Awards


Trout in the Classroom:  $1,888

Mr. Szuszkowski

The 5th grade science curriculum will be enhanced with the purchase of a 90 gallon fish tank and related equipment to implement the NJ Trout in the Classroom project.


IPods in Music:  $1,200

Music teachers at Ironia, Shongum and RMS

Each school will receive one iPod, microphone and speakers to enhance the music instruction.

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