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Teacher Grant Program

Ironia PTO Teacher Grant Program

Each year, the Ironia PTO provides funding for the Ironia Staff Educational Grant Program. The goal of the program is to fund materials that offer creative, innovative approaches to the delivery of curriculum, benefiting as many children as possible. All Ironia staff members who are registered members of the PTO are eligible to submit a grant request.

Grant proposals are submitted in the spring. Staff members may submit individual grants or submit a proposal as part of a team. Evaluation of all grants is performed by the PTO Grant Committee using a pre-established rubric.

Thanks to the support and generosity or the Ironia Community, the PTO is pleased to have awarded over $92,000+ in grants in the last ten years!


The Ironia PTO is proud to announce the 2016-2017 Ironia PTO Grant Award Recipients! Thank you to all Applicants for taking the time to write and submit a grant proposal. We appreciate your continued dedication to our children.


2017 Ironia Grant Winners

From left Ms. Scott, Mrs. Feeney, Mrs. Cirella, Mrs. Baruch, Mrs. Daly, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Feliciano

2016-2017 Grant Winners

Dr. Randazzo – All Grades – Peaceful Playground - $3,200

Continue to create a fun and exciting environment at recess by providing an interactive play space with physical, social and educational benefits!  Remaining stencils purchased last year through the Grant program will be implemented this year!

Mrs. Rodriguez – STEAM It Up in the Makerspace! – All Grades – $1,000

Additional Makerspace tools and materials were purchased for students to explore, create, tinker and foster a “Maker Mindset”.  Students are continually excited, challenged and motivated when they enter the Makerspace.

Mrs. Cirella, Mrs. O’Rourke – 5th Grade – Flexible Seating - $774

Continue to redesign the classroom with the purchase of Hokki stools.  Flexible seating motivates and engages students by providing an environment that is conducive to open collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. 

Mrs. Andrews – 5th Grade – Flexible Seating - $452

Create a space where students have options and choices for where they can work best with the purchase of an Ottoman, Geometric Pouf, Hokki Stools and a bean bag chair.  Flexible seating offers changes in position and opportunities for movement that contribute to better on-task behavior in the classroom.

Miss Scott – 5th Grade – Flexible Seating - $484

Flexible seating is integral for a student centered classroom to successfully increase focus, attention and intellectual thinking.  The purchase of Hokki stools will aid in this endeavor as students will be engaged and motivated.

Ms. Baruch – Language and Learning Disabilties Classroom – Standing Desks - $592

Enhance core curriculum learning through standing desks.  Maintaining low level physical activity – such as standing in the classroom – results in greater student attention, on-task behavior, alertness and classroom engagement.

Mrs. Feeney – All Grades – Music Memory and Interactive Listening - $435

Engage visual, aural and kinesthetic learners to deepen students understanding of music with the purchase of Music Memory and Interactive Listening Classical Favorites.  The smartboard software integrates technology, listening, musical concepts, comprehension of musical elements, movements, history and musical skills into the elementary general music classroom.

Ms. Daly – 3rd Grade – Growth Mindset for the Classroom - $88

Increase student’s emotional intelligence using materials from Growth Mindset by Carol S. Dweck.  The goal is to build resiliency with the understanding that much can be overcome by using a good mindset.  Having the right attitude will give students the ability to persevere through challenging problems.

Mrs. Feliciano – 4th Grade – Kidblog and Teachers Pay Teachers - $69

Bring 21st century technology into the classroom with the purchase of a subscription.  The tool allows students to interact with each other, express their opinions and access educational sites to enhance their learning.  The Teachers Pay Teachers website enhances nonfiction and STEM resources in the classroom.

Ironia Teacher Grant Program 2016-2017 - Total Grants Awarded: $7,094


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