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Family Service Offered


The Ironia Community is an extraordinary group of students, families and staff members. Throughout the year, we provide support by offering clothing, food, and funding to assist those in need. We show our Panther Pride everyday by living the Ironia golden rule as we, "Treat others the way they need to be treated." Over the years, Ironia families have been the recipients of kindness and generosity shown by their friends and neighbors in a time of need. Many of these recipients have contacted the PTO to express their hope to find a way to show gratitude by giving back to the community as they "pay it forward."

A family service was created to benefit the extraordinary community to which we belong. The service, REACH, provides resources and support to Ironia families. The service group provides meals to families in times of need.

  • Families may volunteer to cook meals (when asked) for others. A volunteer database will be created and managed.
  • Families may contact Mr. Kricheff, Mr. Rathjen or Ms. Kloss if assistance is needed. 


*The PTO will not contact anyone directly. We will be sensitive to family needs and confidentiality. You may contact REACH directly, through a friend/neighbor or through the Administration at Ironia. We will do our best to respect and ensure the privacy of everyone.

If you would like to REACH out to volunteer to provide a meal or if you require assistance, please contact the PTO.

NOTE: The PTO will not be providing funding for the service. It is our intent to facilitate the process by providing a link to available resources when needed. Our primary focus is to provide for the students and staff of Ironia Elementary School.

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